Jeremy Adelman
Henry Charles Lea Professor of History
Director, Global History Lab
Alicia Adsera
Senior Research Scholar
Lecturer in Economics and International Affairs
Woodrow Wilson School
Deborah Amos
Ferris Professor in Residence
Department of Journalism
Leora Batnitzky
Ronald O. Perelman Professor of Jewish Studies
Chair, Department of Religion
Professor of Religion
André Benhaïm
Associate Professor
Department of French & Italian
Sandra L. Bermann
Cotsen Professor in the Humanities
Professor of Comparative Literature
Head of Whitman College
Wallace Best
Professor of Religion
Professor of African American Studies
John Borneman
Professor of Anthropology
Director, Program in Contemporary European Politics and Society
Leah Boustan
Professor of Economics
Sarah Chihaya
Assistant Professor
Department of English
Karen Emmerich
Associate Professor
Department of Comparative Literature
Patricia Fernandez-Kelly
Professor of Sociology
Research Associate, Office of Population Research
Director, Center for Migration and Development